Registration for 2018 Great Contraption Race underway

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Registration for 2018 Great Contraption Race underway




GCR packet info found on ITHAF website






By Terry Duffy




Niagara Frontier Publications


The It Happened to Alexa Foundation announces that its 2018 Great Contraption Race, relocated to the Buffalo River and taking place Saturday, Aug 18, is now officially open for registrants. 


“This year will be an exciting year for the Great Contraption Race at Buffalo RiverWorks,” said Dr. Kate Fowler, executive director of IHTAF. “Participants will launch from Silo City Paddling Company and race their contraptions, against time and each other, down a 1.25-mile route to Buffalo RiverWorks to start the after party.” 


Race packet information can be found on the IHTAF 2018 Great Contraption Race Sign Up on page on its website: Teams can register on that page as well as purchase additional tickets for friends and family to the GCR after party at RiverWorks. Prices for this event are adults, $25, children, $10, children 3 and under are free. This includes pizza, wings, and soft drinks. Additional food is available to purchase at Buffalo RiverWorks. 


As far as permitted water-worthy vehicles for this race, Fowler said the contraptions can range from 4 to 8 feet in width, but must incorporate some sort of platform for up to four participants to safely stand or sit on. Participants are encouraged be creative in planning their contraptions. There is no restriction on length, however; if contraptions are longer than 8 feet, up to six participants will be allowed. 


Teams can register directly on the ITHAF website found above. The registration fee for a contraption less than 8 feet in length is $175 ($43.75 per person for a four-person team) and $250 over 8 feet ($41.67 per person for a six-person team).


“Teams are encouraged to engage their friends and family in helping to raise additional funds to help It Happened to Alexa fulfill and expand their mission to empower survivors of rape and sexual assault,” said Fowler.


She adds that teams can create their own team and individual fundraising pages on Crowdrise. Search for the Great Contraption Race under campaigns. 


“We look forward to seeing all of you at the Great Contraption Race.”


For more information, visit the IHTAF website, or email






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