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Arielle Tomb, the Wholesale Manager at Point of the Bluff Vineyard

Let’s Pop the Cork on New York Wines

By Jack Turan



Another small winery in the Hammondsport area that is just around the corner from Azure Hill Winery (see my review, Aug. 15 issue)is Point of the Bluff Vineyard.  Turn left out of Azure Hill’s parking lot on Gallagher Road and then make a right at the corner on to County Route 76.  Drive too fast and you will miss the entrance to Point of the Bluff on the left side of the road.  

I was met at the tasting bar by Arielle Tomb, their Wholesale Manager.  She explained the tasting sheet selection which included nine white and two red wines, two Rosés, and two ice wines.  There were two other tasting-room associates serving customers and you could tell that they all had a very good knowledge of their wines as they enthusiastically served them.

Along with the usual compliment of wines on their tasting sheet they also had a 2017 Gruner Veltliner and three wines packaged in 375 ml cans.  Wine packaged in cans is becoming more and more popular and they are so convenient when going to a picnic or a sporting event.  A 375 ml can is a perfect amount for a single serve and it is also nice not to have a partially consumed bottle to re-cork and take home. They have a special feature on their Hanger 17 Curtiss White, which I tasted – the winery donates $1 from each can sold of Curtiss White to the Glen Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport.  

I really enjoyed my visit to Point of the Bluff Vineyard and I know you will, too.  It has a relaxed atmosphere that will make your trip to the Hammondsport area fun and worthwhile.  Pick up a four-pack of Curtiss White to enjoy at your outdoor events and give a hand to the Curtiss Museum.  A win-win or in this case, a wine win.  Sorry… I just had to say that.             

Remember:  Life is short so drink wines that YOUlike!!!  

All past columns and reviews are posted on Newyorkwinereviews.comor contact me with how you like this winery.  


2015 Riesling Reserve: Single vineyard, 11.5% Alcohol, hard to find a four-year old Riesling:  $22.00    

Appearance (tilt the glass at a 45-degree angle):  Medium in color.  Probably influenced by being in the bottle for four years.      

Nose (swirl and place your nose into the glass and inhale):   Citrus with herbal notes.  Slight Riesling petrol on the nose.      

Mouth Feel (take a small sip and swirl in your mouth to cover all surfaces):  Medium acid and slightly sweet.  

Finish (swallow, what tastes linger):   Medium in length with minerals and spice on the palate.     

Food Pairing:   Being slightly sweet, this can be served with light fare of pork, poultry or with cheese, crackers and olives on a warm night.  Serve at 45 to 50 degrees F.  


Hanger 17 Curtiss White in a 375 ml can:  No Vintage date, 12.5% Alcohol, 80% Traminette and 20% Riesling/Chardonnay:  $9 

Appearance: Pale in color.   

Nose: Floral from the Traminette.      

Mouth Feel:  Low acid, semi-sweet and fruit forward.        

Finish: Medium with spice on the palate from the varietals in this blend. Very clean. 

Food Pairing:  Right from the can with whatever you are serving at your event. Serve ice cold from your cooler.       


2017 Cabernet Franc Rosé: Fermented 12 hours on the skins, longer than most Rosés, 11.5% Alcohol:  $19

Appearance: A medium red color.  Darker than the average Rosédue to the time left on the skins.  

Nose:   Dark fruit and more aromas than many Rosés.  

Mouth Feel:  Fruit forward, dry with only a touch of acidity.  Nice balance of minerality and spice.           

Finish: Medium in length with tannins and fruit left on the palate.         

Food Pairing:  This Rosécan take a medium fare meal of pork or even burgers from the grill. Bolder than most Rosés. To me, some Rosés can be a white wine dressed in pink.  Let this wine lay down for a year or two and see what it blossoms into.  A Rosébud now, a beautiful Rosélater.   Serve at 50 to 55 degrees F.     


2016 Pinot Noir: 18 months in new and neutral French oak barrels, 12.5% Alcohol:  $35

Appearance: A full-bodied red color.  More color than usual for a Pinot as it was influenced by the time in oak.

Nose:   Dark fruit and slight tones of oak.  

Mouth Feel:  Low acid and dry with tannins.   

Finish:   A long finish with some minerality.  A longer finish than lighter Pinots. Great balance.       

Food Pairing: Food friendly.  This Pinot could hold its own with beef kabobs on the grill. Being three years old it is starting to mature.  A good wine to squirrel away and then dust off in a couple of years for a special meal. Serve at 60 degrees F.   



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